The organization of a humanitarian mission

Our humanitarian intervention strategy is based on a 3-phase model: preparation, action and evaluation. Long before we arrive in a country, teams prepare the ground for our mission to dock our ship. This strategy allows us to have an even greater impact in the countries we serve.


A) Earth Fund

  • Donation
  • Management and connection with environnemental partners

B) International and local NGOs

  • Analysis of current needs and foracasting
  • Local coordination, logistics, distribution and storage

C) Water Ships

  • Design and fitting out of the vessel
  • Provision of ship, factory and crew
  • Production, packaging and delivery of gelled water in volume

Step 1

Collaborative Assessment

In advance of the humanitarian mission, Water Ships establishes relationships with the host country and works in close partnership with the Presidential Office, Ministries, other government departments and non-governmental organizations. A Memorandum of Understanding is then signed, taking into account the objectives of the organization.

Step 2

Deployment of the ship


1920px ODEEP ONE ship 1986 at sunrise

Step 3

Training & Support


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